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Posted in Blog — 26th July 2017

One week from deadline for the blood book, and I am drowning in erythrocytes and albumin and things. So it is nice to step aside for a minute and remember I once wrote about saline (which actually blood is similar to, too). Some excellent news: Ninety Percent of Everything is now an audiobook! It is narrated by the mellifluous Pearl Hewitt, who was recommended to me by my cousin, the very talented voiceover artist Natalie Cooper. And I owe cousin Natalie a big drink, because from what I’ve heard (my copies are en route), it’s great. I definitely wanted the narrator to be British, even though it’s an American audiobook and sold on Audible US but not UK (sorry), and when I read that Pearl was from the north-east, like Captain Glenn, I was sold. And I was right. Thanks, Captain Glenn.

Some other news: the blood book has a title. Nine Pints. 

But no subtitle, yet.

Here is a link to the Audible page for Ninety Percent of Everything, audio version. I’m not sure whether you have to sign in to Audible to see it, so here’s a screenshot. UPDATE: a more straightforward Amazon link is here.



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