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Publishers Weekly, July 29, 2013
Though the romance is gone from seafaring life, journalist George’s (The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters) multifaceted exploration of the global shipping industry gamely reintroduces an element of wonder>>full review

Seattle Times, July 31, 2013
Rose George’s last book, “The Big Necessity,” was about human waste. This is a writer who can make the reader fascinated with sewers — or with ocean shipping. […] The sea as described by George is a place largely ungoverned and not watched. [..] She has found some good stories in it>>full review

Boston Globe, August 8, 2013
It is George’s encounters with the people who work on these hulking juggernauts of the sea, rather than the vessels themselves, that give life to this chronicle>>full review

The Atlantic Wire, August 12, 2013
Almost 90 percent of everything we buy arrives via ship, writes Rose George in her actually mind-blowing new book Ninety Percent of Everything, published tomorrow, which covers her months-long adventure with the shipping industry — the biggest business that you know nothing about>>full review

Washington Independent Book Review, August 13, 2013
Rose George is that person at a party you might try to avoid. You’ve overheard her talking with enthusiasm about toilets and the shipping industry, but you’re here to unwind and enjoy a little chitchat. Trust me. Go talk to her>>full review

San Francisco Chronicle, August 16, 2013
George not only explores a little-known world of commerce but also introduces readers to the many people who make shipping possible. […] she does so with great empathy and self-effacing humor. […] If there’s a downside to her seafaring, it’s that it comes to an end too soon>>full review

Wall Street Journal, August 21, 2013
“Ninety Percent of Everything” offers some acute insights about ocean shipping. Several of the author’s chapters could make colorful magazine articles. But neither Kendal nor any of the people we meet aboard it is interesting enough to carry a book>>full review

New York Times, October 17, 2013
“Rose George is a young British journalist who writes smart books about subjects we mostly prefer not to think about. […] Her spirited book cracks open a vast, treacherous and largely ignored world. […] “Ninety Percent of Everything” is consistently absorbing>>full review