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Posted on 22nd March 2017

Sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while. Partly this is because I have like many people become someone who  greets the news every day with increasing horror and inability to do anything other than avoid it and swallow more mute despair. But also, it’s because my book is due in June and I need to write it. Until then there may be the odd running post over on my running site. But apart from that, so long until the other side.



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  [20th December 2016]
HOW THE TRUMP STOLE AMERICA With apolgies to Dr. Seuss By John Pavlovitz ©John Pavlovitz In a land where the states are united, they claim, in a sky-scraping tower adorned with his ...
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There's not a lot to laugh about these days. For example: Aleppo, Trump, Duterte, ice-melt, Great Barrier Reef, Brexit, etc etc etc. I haven't had the heart ...
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  [30th August 2016]
We are a tribe, us who know. We are a tribe held in reserve, like veterinary surgeons who take up guns every third year or for war. Our ...
  [2nd August 2016]
Yesterday Radio 4's Today programme quite rightly celebrated Yorkshire Day. They did this by having the renowned northern playwright Barrie Rutter - of Northern Broadsides - speak an ode to ...
  [28th July 2016]
Earlier this year, Bodyform released a groundbreaking ad. It was groundbreaking because it was about sanitary pads and periods, and because it showed women bleeding. Not menstrual blood, ...