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Nine Pints jackets
©  2018  Rose George

Posted in Blog — 24th April 2018

It has been a long and hard winter. I’ve kept running (which you can always read about on my running blog here), but my overwhelming memory of the last six months is waking at 6.30, getting washed, dressed, on my bike and down to my studio for 7, then staying there for 11 to 12 hours. My cat forgot who I was; my partner applied for absent-author-partner benefits; my eyes broke. But Nine Pints is now in edit 2 stage. Perhaps I should explain that. Researching a book takes a long time. Writing a book takes a long time. Editing a book takes a long time. I filed my first draft of the book in September. The corrected manuscript — yes, it’s still called that although it is printed — began to return, chapter by chapter, in December. Some chapters only had a few dozen comments. Some had far more than that. Some needed more substantial work. I did that work, and I answered all my editor’s comments, and I rewrote things and cut things, and I forgot what my cat looked like, and I sent the second draft back in mid-March. Now it is with the copy-editor, and will come back for another round shortly. Meanwhile, I fact-checked as best I could every single fact in the book, although I will have missed some. I’ve sent the book out to kind people who have agreed to review it, in the “you have not made any catastrophic errors” kind of reviewing. I need this, as the book draws so heavily on medicine and science.

But meanwhile, Nine Pints has become real. It is in the Portobello Books catalogue, looking fine. I am beginning to get invitations to book festivals, one of my favourite parts of being an author, to talk about it. And the jacket designs have been finalised. My two main publishers, Portobello Books and Metropolitan Books, are entirely independent of each other. I love the fact that with each book they have come up with very different designs, and this has continued with Nine Pints. Portobello’s, designed by James Paul Jones, is an illustration. I think it is striking, and clever, and great.

Metropolitan, meanwhile, have chosen realism. I love this too. It is designed by Nicolette Seeback. I also like that one cover shows the bright red of arterial blood (brighter because it contains more oxygen) and the other the darker red of venous blood.

Why Nine Pints? Because that’s what I probably contain. I haven’t had my blood volume measured, but I know that the average adult human contains between eight to twelve pints, and I calculated mine according to my weight, body mass and height. When I interviewed the eminent haematologist Dr. Harvey Klein, he said, “I’ve seen your TED talk, and you probably have nine pints.” So there.

Publication dates for Nine Pints

UK: October 11, 2018

More here.

USA: October 23, 2018

More here.

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