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Nine Pints the book
©  2018  Rose George

Posted in Blog, Media — 14th August 2018

It seems like five minutes since I was sending in the last proofs of Nine Pints. I didn’t expect reviews this soon. I didn’t expect any at all: surely no author dares to assume they will come and that they might be good. So I’m so happy with these from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, both highly important trade publications.

Kirkus: “The author packs her book with the kinds of provocative, witty, and rigorously reported facts and stories sure to make readers view the integral fluid coursing through our veins in a whole new way. An intensive, humanistic examination of blood in all its dazzling forms and functions.” The rest of the review is here.

Publishers Weekly: Journalist George (Ninety Percent of Everything) offers an insightful, fast-paced account of the science, politics, and social history of blood. The rest of the review is here.


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